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Welcome to Langniappe

Langniappe’s therapists are here to help you overcome the barriers to your success, find joy, heal, recover and revel in  your life!

Langniappe’s vision is to provide a space where psychotherapy meets the needs of anyone who feels that they would benefit from it. At Langniappe we understand, all of the aspects of life that can impact mental health. Our aim is to create a space, where clients feel seen and heard by their therapist. We are especially encouraging to BIPOC and LGBTQ clients seeking therapy.

The practice of psychotherapy was based and founded on a set of principles, beliefs and values, that are not necessarily reflected in the experience of BIPOC and other clients who now regularly seek therapy. Today we continue to uphold, fundamental clinical, legal and ethical principles of psychotherapy, because these protect the client. We also recognize the need to broaden the breadth and scope of practice, to reflect inclusion in the therapeutic space.

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Black Therapist Oakland

At Langniappe we are dedicated to helping you find the right therapist. We especially want to ensure that you can find a therapist who understands you and can relate to your unique experience.

Langniappe is proud to offer sound clinical services backed by 40+ years of combined experience and the ability to step up to the therapy needs of clients in the 21st century.

At Langniappe, licensed therapists from diverse backgrounds offer a range of therapy services for a variety of issues. Our therapists are skilled in their areas of expertise and also bring a working knowledge of oppressive social issues that impact the lives
of our clients.

We work to provide a safe, affirming experience for everyone who chooses to have therapy at Langniappe.

We are well aware of the stigma of seeking therapy and the courage it takes to open up to someone who is a stranger to you. As you build a relationship with your therapist you will begin to feel more comfortable and secure in your decision to have therapy.

If you’re seeking to work with a top psychotherapist and counselor in Oakland CA, get in touch with us.

Every individual is unique and requires a therapeutic approach tailored to suit their needs, personality and style.

Our clients are typically looking for:

Psychotherapist and counselor in Oakland CA

The best therapist and psychologist in Oakland CA

Black Therapist and Psychologist in Oakland CA

African American Therapist and Psychologist Oakland CA

All that you touch, you change
All that you change, changes you …

Parable of the Sower by Octavia E. Butler

“As long as we are not ourselves, we will try to be what other people are”

– Malidoma Patrice Some (Of Water and Spirit)

What to Know When Seeking Therapy in Oakland CA

Do I need to go to therapy?

Though therapy can certainly help you learn to cope, manage, and live with mental illness, the benefits of mental health counseling are not reserved for people with an extreme diagnosis or pronounced treatment needs. An Oakland therapist can assist you with all matters of the mind, no matter how small or insignificant they might seem. From life transitions and depression to marital issues and parenting, a trained therapist, counselor, or psychotherapist in Oakland can lend a helping hand.

Though an outside perspective provides valuable insight, keep in mind that you are the one who knows your mind and body the best. Only you can decide if support from a psychotherapist in Oakland is right for you. What we can tell you with certainty is that Langniappe’s trained professional therapists can help you reach your personal goals and improve many specific and broad aspects of your life.

Does therapy actually help?

Like many things in life, what you get out of therapy is often dependent on the effort you put in. However, if you are willing to work at it, meeting with a psychotherapist or counselor in Oakland CA can help you overcome challenges and make life-changing improvements. What does that entail? To make the most out of online therapy, you need to dedicate yourself to the therapeutic process by showing up to every session, actively using the tools and skills you learn during sessions, and being willing to embrace necessary change.

Sometimes, people feel incapable of changing or forever stuck in their ways. However, with dedicated effort and guidance from a trained therapist in Oakland everyone can make adjustments to their thinking and behavior patterns. Due to neural plasticity, the nervous system is able to enact functional and structural modifications according to your experiences. Why does that matter? Well, psychotherapy rewires the brain and allows you to effect real change. In other words, a mental health therapist in Oakland, California can help you become the person you want to be.

What are the benefits of mental health therapy and counseling?

The benefits of mental health counseling can manifest in many ways. For one, it can help you understand your experiences—both past and present—and allow you to connect the dots to gain a clearer understanding of your symptoms. Additionally, an experienced Oakland therapist can help you tap into your strengths to improve your capacities and resilience.

With the best online therapy, you can recover, heal, change, and grow. Some of the general benefits of mental health counseling and seeing a psychotherapist in Oakland include an improved sense of self-worth and purpose, clearer direction through life transitions, and the ability to become a better version of yourself. Not only can therapy provide you with new tools and strategies, but it will also empower you to enhance your natural capabilities.

Why does everyone benefit from therapy?

While psychotherapy is often geared toward treating specific medical diagnoses, the truth is that everyone can get something out of seeing a therapist in Oakland. In many ways, therapy is an invaluable gift you can give to yourself. Like how doctors treat physical injuries, therapy is the key to soothing and healing the mind.

Is online therapy effective? Is virtual therapy as effective as in-person?

While there are pros and cons of online therapy, there is no doubt that online therapy sessions work. Our therapists have extensive experience as in-person therapists in Oakland, CA, and are adept at translating traditional psychotherapy tools into practical teletherapy applications.

Like seeing an Oakland psychotherapist, virtual therapy still takes place in real-time while also giving patients the space to take care of themselves without the extraneous concerns of in-person sessions, such as travel costs and medical limitations.

Geographic constraints can also make it difficult to find a psychotherapist in Oakland with the proper background, experience, and approach to best meet your unique needs. It is even harder to find someone who not only fits the criteria but who you also connect with organically. Online therapy with insurance is an effective strategy for obtaining professional psychotherapy no matter where you live.

Is it better to see a therapist in-person or online?

The best online therapy offers a degree of convenience and flexibility that in-person simply can’t. While you still have to show up for scheduled sessions, you will be saved from the headache of making travel plans or setting aside large blocks of time. Meeting with a therapist online is easy and provides high accessibility for people with busy schedules, physical impairments, motivational roadblocks, or other obstacles that can make in-person therapy in Oakland impossible or problematic. If you are looking for mental health counseling that is as convenient as it is effective, an online therapist could be just what you need.

Why does everyone benefit from therapy?

While psychotherapy is often geared toward treating specific medical diagnoses, the truth is that everyone can get something out of seeing a therapist in Oakland. In many ways, therapy is an invaluable gift you can give to yourself. Like how doctors treat physical injuries, therapy is the key to soothing and healing the mind.

Can you do CBT virtually?

Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) is a goal-oriented talk therapy with a broad range of effective applications. Fortunately, a qualified Oakland psychotherapist can perform CBT even virtually. Not only is virtual CBT possible, but scientific evidence shows that it might even be more effective in certain situations, such as CBT for depression and CBT for anxiety. Langniappe therapists in Oakland are trained and certified to provide CBT to patients with qualifying circumstances.

How long will therapy last?

Therapy typically consists of weekly 50-minute sessions, though a therapist online can authorize a biweekly schedule after prolonged treatment if they believe it is clinically sound. Online therapy with insurance can last anywhere from 6 months to a year, depending on the severity of your problems. Cases with intersecting or complex issues typically take longer to work through, and some medical illnesses require ongoing support from a psychotherapist in Oakland.

Will a therapist tell you your diagnosis?

While a rigid diagnosis is rarely the goal for the best online therapy treatment, insurance companies often require an official evaluation and declaration. Langniappe therapists in Oakland are qualified to provide an official mental health diagnosis and classification. Though we prefer a flexible, client-centered approach and will never push a diagnosis on a patient, we can provide one to meet authorization requirements for online therapy with insurance.

How do I prepare for my first session?

Feeling anxious about attending your first online therapy session with an Oakland therapist is perfectly normal, especially if you have never been to therapy before. For instance, you may be worried about talking to a stranger or unsure of how to describe what you are going through. First of all, rest assured that your psychotherapist in Oakland will counsel you at your own pace, allowing you to direct your treatment in a way that ensures you feel safe.

Secondly, think about why you are seeking out therapy, what you would like to talk about with your Oakland therapist online, and any goals you wish to achieve. One of the best things you can do to prepare for your first therapy session is to make a comprehensive list of your symptoms. Do not hesitate to write down anything that comes to mind, even if you are unsure if it is a symptom relevant to your condition. Part of the process for the best online therapy is unpacking your symptoms and exploring how they relate to your experiences and mental health journey.

Why choose Langniappe?

At Langniappe, one of the top therapist, psychotherapist and counseling centers in Oakland CA, we have an entirely client-centered approach where the client’s needs and wishes are the top priority. We believe that you are the only expert on you. As your online therapist, our goal is to facilitate your treatment so that you can discover solutions that address your individualized needs. We provide the support, tools, and strategies that allow you to enact the changes you want to see in your life.

What is POC in therapy?

Are you looking for a black therapist in Oakland? We can help. Black, indigenous, and people of color (BIPOC) often experience niche situations and issues that can be difficult for an outsider to understand. Unfortunately, BIPOC therapists are rare, comprising only 16.4% of the active psychology workforce. Nevertheless, issues related to socialization or discrimination are among some of the hardest to address without the proper background, knowledge, and cultural competence. Working with a black therapist in Oakland can help you work through challenges only known to people of color.

As BIPOC therapists in Oakland, CA, the team at Langiappe is not only experienced with addressing these concerns but also has a personal history with social justice issues and discrimination. Because of our BIPOC-informed perspective, we are uniquely positioned to understand the needs of the BIPOC community and help them with challenges known only to people of color (POC). Contact us today to me match with a black therapist in Oakland who can help.

What is an LGBTQ therapist?

Like POC, members of the LGBTQ community often face adversarial challenges that threaten their well-being, identity, and sense of self. As professional Oakland therapists, we understand how matters of race, gender, and sexual orientation affect people and inform their experiences. Moreover, many of these problems can intersect and exacerbate mental health issues. An LGBTQ therapist in Oakland understands how to incorporate this unique perspective into a treatment plan that is both effective and fulfilling.

Langiappe offers the best online therapy to bring tailored treatment to people of all backgrounds and therapeutic needs. Our team has operated throughout California as in-person therapists in Oakland, CA, San Diego, CA, and Los Angeles, CA. With online therapy, we hope to expand our efforts to ensure people all over the United States have access to the clinical support and services they require to truly thrive.

We look forward to working with you…