Therapy for Non- Traditional Relationships

Therapy for Non-Traditional Relationships

What’s your preference?

Do you want a different kind of relationship? Are you already in a different kind of relationship? Maybe you are trying to figure out how it all comes together. Open and polyamorous relationships are two examples of ways of being in an intimate non-monogamous relationship. These types of relationships have become increasingly popular as choices over the last number of decades. Even though monogamous relationships remain the norm, other relationship structures are gaining momentum. Many still feel a need to be quiet about this, as there may be some stigma associated.

What does it take?

Managing polyamourous or other non- monogamous relationships can be challenging for all parties involved. It is not unusual to experience obstacles such as disagreements, misunderstandings, feelings of jealousy or fear for both or all partners in the relationship. It calls for a high degree of trust, compassion and more. There are certainly more resources for people in these relationships now than in the past. There are many books on the subject and online forums and groups for discussion. Feel free to make use of these resources. They can be helpful.

If you are at point where you are trying to decide if it’s right for you, it’s not bad idea to talk with someone. You are a unique individual and you have the right to choose the best kind of relationship for you. Despite the challenges, many have found love, intimacy and personal growth in non-monogamy. You can too. While some experience these relationships as more challenging than monogamy, others move through them with more of a sense of ease. You can learn to face the challenges and find the ease. We know it’s complicated but it is not at all impossible. So let us you find the peace and harmony you desire in this type of relationship structure.

“Healing begins where the wound was made”
– Alice Walker (The Way Forward is With a Broken Heart)

We look forward to working with you…