Online Therapy for Anxiety

Online Therapy for Anxiety

Anxiety disorders can stop us short. They may appear suddenly, seemingly out of the blue or they can be a direct response to one or more stressors. Panic attacks are not an unusual feature of these types of disorders. They can also be a result of past or recent trauma. Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) can cause anxiety symptoms. Social anxiety and separation anxiety are also categorized as anxiety disorders.

Acute anxiety may feel like nervousness, accompanied by racing thoughts or chronic worry. You may be unable to sleep or rest very well, which will lead to fatigue and exhaustion. Your breathing may be shallow. Constant, chronic anxiety may lead to panic attacks, especially during stressful times. Panic attacks can be frightening because you will feel your heart pounding and your chest tightening. You will find it difficult to breathe at these times and notice sweating or clamminess on you hands. You can decide to treat your anxiety with medication or with therapy. Like depression, this depends on severity. You may also choose to use combination of both as this is often the best choice.

They can occur together

You can have anxiety and depression at the same time. You may have moments or days when depressive feelings are dominant. On other days you may feel mostly anxious. Sometimes the symptoms of anxiety and depression overlap. Either way you will want to seek help. Even if you don’t feel this way everyday, you may still benefit from online therapy for anxiety. We offer online anxiety help, so reach out to us today,  by going to our client center and requesting a free 15min consultation.

“Healing begins where the wound was made”

– Alice Walker (The Way Forward is With a Broken Heart)

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