Summertime is the season of sunshine, sand and water. The weather is warm, the days are long and everyone is outside enjoying themselves. It’s also a time when we can get caught up in all the activities we have planned, whether it’s going to the beach or hiking with our friends or trying new things and places. You need to stay mentally healthy during the summer months so that you will be able to enjoy yourself without worrying about losing control over your thoughts or actions.

Staying healthy in the summer often means staying active, applying sunscreen and avoiding excessive heat. But it also means taking care of your mind and spirit. Here are some ways you can stay mentally healthy during this summer:

  1. Have a healthy social life. Studies have shown that having positive relationships significantly lowers our risk of anxiety and depression, boosts our self-esteem, strengthens immunity and lengthens our lives. Take advantage of this time to bond with your family members or make new friends in the places you visit. Hang out with people who bring out the best in you and make you laugh till your belly hurts.
  2. Schedule a weekly check-in with yourself. Set aside time each week to talk with a friend or family member about how you’re feeling, what’s going on in your life, and what you need from them. This can help you stay connected and grounded while still having some time for yourself.
  3. Keep a schedule, even if it doesn’t feel as strict as usual. This helps reduce stress levels and keeps your mind focused on what matters most—not having too much time on your hands! Fill your schedule with fun and new things to do, time with loved ones and rest time.
  4. Make sure you’re getting enough sleep, even if you don’t feel tired. In summer, the days are longer than the nights which means that we are awake for longer – this together with the high temperatures that make it hard to sleep can affect our usual sleeping cycles. Good sleep hygiene is necessary like keeping a consistent sleep schedule.
  5. Do everything in moderation. Try to avoid excessive sun exposure and drink plenty of water so you don’t get dehydrated or overheated. Remember that it’s also important to stay active during the day so that you don’t get too tired at night. Don’t party all day and night – you’ll wear out easily.
  6. Nourish your body with the right foods. There’s the temptation to eat more unhealthy foods like junk and processed diets while we’re out having fun and not worrying about anything. Food impacts your mood and brain function so it’s better to consume more of what nourishes you than what negatively impacts your body and brain health.
  7. Exercise your body. Move. Move. Move. Dance a lot. Go hiking. Jog in the morning. Join a gym. Start yoga or pilates. Work out from home. The summer heat can make us lazier and slower and that’s why you should be intentional about movement. Working out will always impact your mental health in great ways.
  8. Find a new hobby. Exercise your creative brain whether it’s through gardening, reading, painting or just going for walks around town with friends – doing something creative keeps the mind engaged with life. It doesn’t have to be a hobby that makes you money – do it for the sake of enjoying it.
  9. Get outside. A lot of people get anxious or stressed out when they think about not being able to go outside as much as they want or need to. But taking part in some outdoor activities can help reduce stress and anxiety—so permit yourself to do whatever it takes to get some fresh air.
  10. Spend more time in the real world than on social media. You can always come back to the social media space but you don’t get back time lost in the real world when you should be out having fun in the summer. Now’s a good time to do a digital detox or go on a wellness retreat.


Have good fun. Enjoy your life. And don’t forget that you aren’t healthy if your mental health is at risk. Reach out to us for therapy and one on one sessions at any time, from anywhere! We work remotely.