Parenting Counseling

Parenting Counseling

If you are a new parent or parenting young children, chances are you feel overwhelmed. This is not unusual. It’s likely that you are doing your best but you need support. New parents can be very hard on themselves. We live in a culture that creates unattainable standards for parenting. Have you forgotten how to enjoy your children and your life? Media, as well as parenting gurus may make you feel incompetent. But you are not. You are perfectly competent at raising your child/children. Maybe you need a little extra support to help along the way.

Why should you have counseling as a parent?

You are doing your best but know this: parenting in today’s world presents a host of problems that have not been faced by parents in the past. It takes fortitude, courage and love to wrangle with and come out ahead of these New Age obstacles. If you feel depleted in your parenting abilities, you are not alone. Additional stressors like illness or single parenting, can create even more feelings of powerlessness. Parents can feel strong feelings of guilt, if they think they are not in a position to give their child the best.

Therapy can help with parenting. Firstly, it can help you understand yourself. It can help you restore feelings of hope and connection. You can feel better about your parenting self. Therapy can help understand your needs as well as your children’s, provide additional parenting skills and boost your parenting immune system. You don’t need to do this alone, guess at it or read a bunch of books. After all you could be playing with your child or taking time for yourself. It doesn’t matter the age of your child, most parents could use some help understanding them and relating to them in a way that helps them grow into happy, loving capable human beings.

“Healing begins where the wound was made”
– Alice Walker (The Way Forward is With a Broken Heart)

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