Lisa de Geneste, LCSW

Lisa de Geneste, LCSW

LIC# 25284
Tel: 917-566-5628

Individual $225
Couples: $325

I Accept all PPOs or OONs

In my practice my goal is to support BIPOC and Q-BIPOC  professionals at any stage of their careers, as they manage the multiple challenges they encounter. I want to help them feel grounded in their personal and professional identities and secure in their abilities to excel and progress in whatever field they have chosen, while caring for themselves in thoughtful and insightful ways.

Professionals work hard to attain and sustain the lifestyle they desire. Unfortunately, there are often stressors and hurdles. For BIPOC professionals specifically, these might be due to racial micro and macro aggressions in the work environment.  Unresolved negative past experiences or traumas may emerge as challenges to mental health, affecting both the personal and professional arenas of life. Self-care can become difficult, if not impossible under these circumstances, while chronic attacks to self-esteem and self-confidence in the workplace undermine the best efforts to succeed.

Using a client centered, integrative approach to therapy, I am engaging and interactive with my clients. My ultimate goal is to act as a guide, facilitator and coach in your journey. I believe that each person has a deep knowledge and a pool of wisdom that they can draw on in therapy. You are the expert in your life.  I will help you access that wisdom and build on it to design the kind of success that you want..


California  #25284
New York State  #043132
Florida  #14531

Over the years, my work has brought me an immense amount of satisfaction. I especially enjoy hearing from past clients, years after they ended therapy, telling me how well they are doing. I enjoy my work and feel honored that so many have benefited from my services.

“Healing begins where the wound was made”

– Alice Walker (The Way Forward is With a Broken Heart)


We look forward to working with you…