I know you’ve longed for the day when you’ll wake up and this pain will longer be there. The day when you’ll be as happy as you wish you were or as other people think you are. The day when the days and nights won’t feel equally as long. This pain has made its way through every crack in your mind and body. You can feel it in everything you do and it’s slowly taking over your entire being.

This pain could be physical, emotional or mental and it’s all valid. I know you may have mentioned this pain to others who didn’t believe you or take it seriously but I believe you. I see how tired and worn out you are from fighting to keep your head above water so that you don’t drown. I see your efforts to choose one more day no matter how much pain you’re in. Your strength matters.

Thank you for holding yourself together even when you were breaking. Thank you for holding on to the light even if it was bleak. Thank you for living through one more minute. I say thank you because it takes courage to do what you’re doing and still show up for yourself and those around you. That’s inspiring. You’ve gone head-to-head with life storms and you’ve won each time, that’s why you’re still here.

I don’t know for sure if the pain ever goes away. Somehow you learn to live with it, constantly reminding it that you are in charge. You learn to not let it overpower you by building your resilience and choosing habits that overpower it. It comes and goes in waves and you learn how to tame it so that you keep winning and surviving it.

The lies of pain are plenty but you mustn’t believe them. You will hear whispers and intrusive voices lying to you that you’re a failure and a burden. That you can’t survive this and that you must give up. Again, you mustn’t believe these voices because they aren’t true. The pain makes you human, not a failure. It’s a reminder of the frailty of all of us because that pain could be anyone’s. This is not the end of the road.

Talk about this pain. Tell others about how it makes you feel. It doesn’t matter who doesn’t believe you, at least they’ll know about the state you’re in. You are worthy of support and encouragement and there’s nothing wrong with seeking it from people you love and who love you. If nobody in your life offers you the kindness of a listening ear, try therapy. In fact, try therapy even when you have the support of your loved ones.

No matter what happens, please keep the hope alive that life can only get easier and better for you. It’s a real possibility you can build on. Assess the areas of your life that are the source of this pain – know the root cause so that you have an idea where to start when addressing it. No life event is too insignificant to be the cause of pain.

Does the pain ever go away? Maybe yours will. Maybe one day you’ll look back at this pain and feel immense pride and joy for overcoming it. Maybe one day your story will be someone’s survival guide about hitting rock bottom and surviving. Life has its seasons and maybe this pain is temporary. Another season will come and you will feel wholesome in your being. Keep choosing one more minute, one more hour, one more day. You can get through this.