Couples & Relationship Therapy

Couples & Relationship Therapy

Infidelity, fighting or arguing can be a sign that something is wrong or needs to change in a relationship. Many couples enter therapy to repair a relationship or prevent a break in the relationship. Sometimes couples enter therapy after they have decided to separate/divorce. They recognize that they could use some help working through the issues that come with such a decision. Sometimes your therapist may work with both of you or one of you, but it is still couples therapy. Don’t wait until things have really headed south… reach out to a therapist sooner rather than later.

Separation or divorce can also be a time when a couple can benefit from couple’s counseling. When the relationship is really over, things become painful and can consume a lot of time and financial resources. There may be concerns about child custody agreements and visitation, at a time when people are not feeling so friendly towards each other. Anger, hurt and sadness can cause you to say and /or do things you will later regret. It’s a good time to find a therapist who can help you navigate these treacherous waters. You can end your relationship in a way that helps each person integrated and satisfied.

“Discomfort is always a necessary part of enlightenment”

– Pearl Cleage

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