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Lisa de Geneste, LCSW

Lisa de Geneste, LCSW

Founder Clinical Director

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Do you ever feel that there is way too much going on?  You are overwhelmed, anxious and depressed. Has work, home or school become really challenging?. Maybe your relationships with your family, friends, significant other feel like a struggle most days. You are exhausted and wish for a place to hide from the world. . You are smart and competent, yet so often you don’t feel that way because anxiety and depression is what you feel the most days. You have been struggling.

Langniappe therapists are here to help you  understand how trauma is affecting you and ultimately heal from trauma. The effects of trauma can  alter the way you want to experience your life.  Most people are not aware that very often anxiety  or depression are rooted in trauma experiences either in childhood, adolescence or later in life.  They may be big or small traumas. At Langniappe Therapy we understand trauma and know that it can make life  very difficult.


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