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Lisa de Geneste, LCSW

Lisa de Geneste, LCSW

Founder Clinical Director

About Langniappe

At Langniappe, we promise you a little extra. Our goal is to assist you in bringing about lasting and positive changes to your life. The word “Langniappe” means a little extra. It is a word that many people who have grown up in the Caribbean or Louisiana know very well.

At Langniappe we are dedicated to helping you find the right therapist. We especially want to ensure that you can find a therapist who understands and can relate to your unique experience.

We all have the capacity to change, grow, recover and heal. Given the opportunity and the right conditions, this is all possible. Every individual is unique and requires a therapeutic approach tailored to suit their needs, personality and style.

Langniappe is proud to offer sound clinical services backed by 40+ years of combined experience and the ability to step up to the therapy needs of clients in the 21st century. At Langniappe, licensed therapists from diverse backgrounds offer a range of therapy services for a variety of issues. Our therapists are skilled in their areas of expertise and also bring a working knowledge of oppressive social issues that impact the lives of our clients.

We work to provide a safe, affirming experience for everyone who chooses to have therapy at Langniappe. We are well aware of the stigma of seeking therapy and the courage it takes to open up to someone who is a stranger to you. As you build a relationship with your therapist you will begin to feel more comfortable and secure in your decision to have therapy.

Langniappe’s therapists are a reflection of that a understanding and competence. We are here to help you overcome the barriers to your success, find joy, heal, recover and revel in your life!

We look forward to working with you…